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as of now

Final Cover Potentials

and this is the Back Cover

I have narrowed it down to these pictures with words
if anyone can make them look better, let me know


I want to get back into scosplay

I want to be able tp afford cosplay. seriously I totally want to do a Fem Dok with a white pleather corset and a slightly longer blonde wig and white boots

that's the only one that I really want to do right now, I'm not sure---maybe other Silent Hill Nurses or Wa Lolita or something.

but I know before that I'm eithe going to make or buy like 8 new corsets cause only like 3 of mine fit me. if three


and FUCK i've gained 7 lbs



I feel soooo fat, back to the diet pills again :(


Nov. 13th, 2008

I'm fed up with this shit

this is the third time that my grandma has accused me of stealing...


it's funny how I'm never around when this suppposdly happens. Like either I'm at work or I'm stranded at Autozone with car problems

this is the only time that I've been around when money has gone missing.

yeah it's logical since i'm the only one that lives here. but I DIDN"T FUCKING DO IT.

I don't have car insurance. not anymore since i can't afford it, I can't afford rent right now because i'm not getting enough hours.

so pretty much I'm getting more on backrent which gives grandma enough venom to accuse me of shit.,



I have an upper respitory infection, and i'm preculating, (I sound like a perculator) but I've narrowed it down to 3 photos for the cover of EG, I just need someone wihth mad photoshop skills.


I wish someone would freaking comment. >:(




the EG test shoot was today.

my photographer NEVER FUCKING SHOWED UP. Nick you retard i'm going to kick you in the fucking face.

so I had to do it, I was cold and ended up getting about 12 shots. the test shoot did better.

but, I got at least 4 good shots,

so I've posted some here.

then WORK called they're all fucked up and asked me to come in then TOLD me to come in, so I sent J. Home and they're like "oh yeah sorry, forgot about that"


i'm sick and exhausted and i have to work tommorrow. so it's going  to be an early night tonight.





ok. I went to the hospital this morning and my nana is doing shit tons better, she's eating and feeding herself and on Monday they're going to release her to the Terrace which is a ten day rehab then she gets to come back home. It must have been whatever medication she was on that was making her all wonky, and sick yesterday. but anyway, Nick is supposed to be coming over Friday night or saturday morning to get ready for the EG shoot on Saturday.

other than that, I need monies bad. :( like lotsa monies, almost 200$, can i borrow from anyone?

I feel like shit

i've been working alot, and my nana's in the hospital for dehydration she wasn't eating because  wasn't making her eat becasuse I wasn't home.

i gotta work tommorrow. ad it's going to sucj

thursday I gotta get the makeup and the top hat for Saturday.




Just when I'm starting to love my car.

the clip in the drivers door breaks. I have to open it from the inside to get in which means window or a back door. so now I have to take off my drivers door panel and fucking fix it. which is going to be a pain in the ass.

that, and I had to turn the key like 4 times because it wouldn't start, just clicked. I think it was cause I had the steering wheel in the wrong position. I hope it was at least. That's a brand new starter it better not have a dead spot yet! ill be fuckiung pissed.


come up and try my new parts
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